How we work

I read a report published by The Times one Christmas break that really made me sit up. It warned most businesses had around three years to embrace new technologies, and restructure around them, or face becoming obsolete.

vlog I decided there and then that Net PR would help organisations meet their business goals using traditional and digital media.

At Net PR, we use best practice public relations theory, plus detailed research, to create tried and tested communication strategies and accountable PR plans. We dovetail these with relevant digital outreach that either amplifies or increasingly, connects with and influences specific online audiences.

The explosion of internet commentators: bloggers, YouTube Vloggers, but also Twitter, Facebook and Instagram ‘super influencers’, has created a content arms race between digital and traditional publications.

Bloggers and online sites, ranked by Google, now compete for the attention of readers who in the past would have turned to established industry publications. It’s a numbers’ game, and readership, hits and SEO are the currency.

Whereas PR could count on AVE (Advertising Value Equivalent) to prove its value, it is readership, influencer and page domain rankings that are the new metrics for return on investment. This provides great opportunities for organisations to place their brand in front of new audiences, and we can help guide you which to focus on strategically.

With most industry and regional publications being online, content has to be continuously re-worked across a range of media, including social media, to hit its intended target.

In addition to broadcasting news, we target key influencers with tailored information, whether an industry magazine, online trade site, or a vocal and influential blogger. It is much more effective and efficient, and for clients who want to more actively participate, it can mean staff creating authentic key influencer relationships, and the whole organisation having a stake in PR outcomes.


My background working in the press office of the British Computer Society, and later agency-side for international technology companies, means clients’ data and its handling is taken extremely seriously.

Net PR is registered with, and follows best practice guidance from the Information Commissioner. Because we often work with companies developing innovative first-to-market products, we are happy to sign non-disclosure agreements, and we also carry public liability insurance.

We are also a member of Bristol Media, a large group of collaborate creative media companies in the South West.

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