Content Creation – Telling your story

B2B businesses, especially technology, industrial or environmental companies, have a complex story to tell potential and existing customers, stakeholders and their industry.

Content creationSometimes they just want a higher business profile, or more consumer awareness of products (B2C). These can range from complicated computer hardware, bringing a disruptive technology to market, explaining difficult or new propositions, to announcing mergers, acquisitions, or, sadly, job losses.

Depending on what you have to say, we can advise how it should be said. From creating a press release for a business announcement, to crafting a winning award entry or an opinion piece in a well-regarded publication, we have got it covered. We can also react to items in the news, or anticipate trends by providing timely comment and insight that underlines your company’s growing market presence and influence.

Many companies increasingly need support to create content for their own online platforms and call on us to help staff find their own voice in writing workshops or in one-to-one tuition on composition and editing. We find this is especially true of B2B or science-focused organisations.

If that sounds like a lot of hard work, we can take on the writing, and we have particular experience drafting Anglo-English content from translations.
Crisis communications:

With sustained experience in crisis communications and a background in journalism; Net PR is adept at helping companies weather criticism by responding quickly and effectively. If your business is already experiencing negativity, we can provide a realistic, structured and executable plan to improve your reputation, plus recommend how to prevent similar events.

Sarah is not only great at what she does but also brings her professionalism and calm delivery to everything that she does. She is a talented colleague and a lot of fun to work with. - Susie Kay, Non Profit specialist, Personal Productivity Specialist; Mentor; Speaker

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