Media training

Many company leaders relish the idea of giving an interview to a journalist, while others would rather do anything but.

Media TrainingMedia training gives you the chance to prepare for print and broadcast interviews, but also helps interviewees understand how each medium works.

Our media training covers the constraints and opportunities of TV, radio, and newspaper interviews, as well as how to get your story across.

We’ll also put you through your paces in each of the scenarios, as well as advise on key pitfalls and some of the main techniques to ensure you get your message out clearly.

Media training generally takes a day:

  • Half a day to cover key techniques
  • Half to practice various interview scenarios and incorporate feedback

Some clients with little or no experience can find it useful to undertake the theoretical parts of the course and the practical element on different days to take time to reflect on and build the skills needed.

Sarah has demonstrated the large extent of her knowledge with regards with PR, as well as her creative mindset and her ability to react quickly. - Stephanie Housty, Marketing Manager, ecosurety

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