PR Strategy – Plot a path

There is no point doing PR unless you know what you want to achieve.

PR strategy

Every retained Net PR client will have their business and products analysed, so we understand exactly what you do. Short, long and medium-term communications objectives, plus concrete and realistic strategies for achieving these, are then proposed in a formal document.

We will also help develop key messaging from scratch, or hone existing material to realistically and accurately position the organisation, its products and services, but also indicate its ambitions, and show where it’s heading. Key trends or themes will be identified to help the business find natural homes in industry publications, while larger campaigns can be devised to drive consumer coverage.

Agreed outputs are formed into integrated plans that clearly align activities with strategic objectives. Retained clients are provided with weekly updates via a short report and update call.

Increasingly clients and marketing departments need to justify PR spend at a granular level, and so specific annual or six-monthly KPIs can be developed to help present ROI to the board. Strategies can also be easily created or changed to anticipate or mirror external market or stakeholder priorities.

All work, retained or ad hoc, is fully project managed, with key campaigns often receiving their own plans.

Sarah is a subject expert and delivers results with clear strategies. Her professional approach and knowledge earned trust from the client and the team. - Li Ma, Commercial Reporting Analyst at TalkTalk
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